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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Review: FriendsFest.

Comedy Central #FriendsFest
Wednesday 16th September 2015
The Boiler House, Brick Lane

My first séjour back into the world of blogging, on a new and updated blog is a review of Comedy Central's #FriendsFest, in celebration of the 21st anniversary of the much loved show.

Somehow - don't ask me how - my best friend was able to get two tickets for the bargain price of £5 each for the first public night. So, after finishing work in various ends of London, and in spite of the torrential rain that evening, we both made our way to Brick Lane and met outside the Boiler House, for our Friends Fest adventure.

On arriving, you're welcomed by a video introduction by Gunther himself, actor James Michael Tyler, and a wall of the most infamous Friends' quotes. ('We were on a break' anyone?) You're then in a small mock up of Joey and Chandler's apartment, where you can sit on the recliner's and watch an episode of everyone's favourite show. On the right, there's a few of the more popular props... Pat, the ceramic dog... scripts from Days of Our Lives... etc. You're then able to grab a free cup of coffee and a biscuit (thanks, Lidl!) and take a seat on the legendary orange couch, whilst a local musician serenaded you with hits like I'll Be There for You and Smelly Cat

The real highlight was, without any doubt, the mock up of Monica and Rachel's apartment, as photographed above. The attention to detail was just ridiculous and this was where everyone wanted to be. Because of this, there was a slight wait, where you were put into groups, offered a seat and asked to select your favourite Friends episode from a shortlist provided by Comedy Central. Being a hopeless romantic, I went for "The One Where Ross Finds Out"

Finally, we got the opportunity to take as many selfies as possible in Monica's apartment! This was definitely the highlight of the 'Fest' and the reason most people were there. After sitting on Monica's couch and posing by the door, it was time to exit. All that was left was the opportunity to get a blow dry at a pop up 'Rachel's salon' or dance in the fountain outside. Having already been caught in a torrential rain storm and having to face the journey back to Kent, we passed on those options, and sadly made our way out of The Boiler House and back to reality. 

Although definitely not worth any more than we paid, the opportunity for some amazing selfies, a hot cup of coffee and a post-work adventure for £5 was something my best friend and I both enjoyed.

For anyone who missed it, don't be too disappointed... there's always the box set.

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